Custom Performance, COTS Convenience and Price… the MAGicALL Advantage!

MAGicALL recognizes that your products are incredibly unique and give you an edge over the competition…so why settle for an off-the-shelf component? How many times have you requested a quote for a COTS part and found it’s too expensive or has a long lead-time? We can design and manufacture a custom component that meets or exceeds your exacting specifications, with cost and lead times that beat our competitors’ off-the-shelf components. This is the MAGicALL advantage.

MAGicALL has the best design capability in the industry, enabling incredible performance for your products. In most cases, our customers find our component to be so much better than the competition in terms of performance, cost and lead-time, it’s like magic. Contact us today and let us show you what is possible.

Design to Delivery

From specification to prototype in as little as 8 weeks. Even faster may be possible.

Cost Efficient

The performance of a custom component at prices competitive with one-size-fits-all off the shelf components.

Staff Design Team

In-house design team with advanced degrees, custom design tools and decades of experience.