With torque densities as high as 20 Nm/kg and efficiencies greater than 95% – for the combined motor and controller – MAGiDRIVE™ achieves the highest performance and easiest to use direct drive system in the industry.


The highly integrated MAGiDRIVE enables you to focus on aircraft design rather than spend time integrating motors and controllers. Do not accept compromises with sub-optimal motor/controller integration!


MAGiDRIVE 75M with OD of 11” (including cooling fins) and length of 5”. This complete integrated electric drive system combining the motor and controller is capable of 130 Nm of torque, power levels up to 60 kW, and weighs approximately 11.0 kg.


  • Integration of the highest performance electric machines and power electronics in the industry
  • Unparalleled reliability and ease of use (we do the integration and optimization for you)
  • Rugged in-runner design with low vibration and environmental ratings up to IP67
  • Air cooling for both motor and controller
  • Minimized cable weight and power loss and dramatically reduced EMI
  • Tightly integrated high bandwidth feedback and health monitoring
  • Fully digital sinusoidal vector control provides highest efficiency and lowest DC bus ripple
  • Highly customizable mounting, prop hub, and interface options

Available Features

  • Fully bi-directional four-quadrant operation (motor and generator in both directions)
  • DC bus voltages ranging from 24V to 800V (depending on model)
  • Communications options including CAN, RS485, PWM, Ethernet, and more
  • Control modes including Torque, Speed, Power, and more
  • Hollow shafts for variable pitch mechanisms and pitot tubes
  • Integrated temperature, vibration, and health monitoring
  • Integrated Electronic Circuit Breaker

Major advancements in powertrain performance and reliability, never before possible, are realized in MAGiDRIVE through exacting optimization of motor and controller together as a system.

MAGiDRIVE Datasheet

Download Datasheet

Download PDF Datasheet, featuring product specifications and customatization options.

MAGiDRIVE products are currently available in sizes from 4.1” to 18.5” diameter, with torque capability up to 1000 Nm and power levels up to 300 kW.

BASE MODEL612204075150300
TORQUE RANGE, Nm4 - 109 - 2520 - 5045 - 10090 - 225200 - 500470 - 1000
POWER, kW (120s duration)612204075150300
POWER, kW (continuous)510163260120240
SPEED, RPM (maximum)8,0007,0006,2005,5005,0004,2003,600
WEIGHT RANGE, kg0.70 - 1.21.5 - 2.82.9 - 4.85.0 - 8.99.0 - 16.516.1 - 29.729.4 - 49.5
EFFICIENCY %, (typical)90.591.59292.593.594.595.5
LENGTH RANGE, Inch2.5 - 3.23.0 - 3.93.5 - 4.34.0 - 5.14.6 - 6.05.3 - 6.96.1 - 7.6

MAGiDRIVE™ a MAGicALL PowerCycle™ Product